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Friday Family Fun & Story Time Link Up: Week 1

Friday Family Fun & Story Time Link Up

I want to try something new this week.

A blog post link up!

I love to read blog posts about family vacation and road trips, family game nights, and crafts that are fun for the whole family. I like stories about family time gone wrong, family time gone right, and everything in between.

My family members the most important people in my life. So  I think it’s only natural to want to learn more about places I might want to go and things I might want to do with those special people.

So here it is, the first edition of Friday Family Fun and Story Time Link Up!

Readers: Check out the list of blog posts below. Click on any that sound like they would be interesting to you! Read, comment, and/or share to show your support for the posts you like! Come back to the list and click ‘Like’ next to any that you liked, that way next week I can showcase the reader favorite!

Bloggers: Link up any post related to Family. Then visit a couple of the other blogs listed and see what  they have to say, leave a comment, and maybe even share a post that you loved! Come back to the list and click ‘Like’ next to any that you liked, that way next week I can showcase the reader favorite!

Next week, along with the reader favorite, I’ll pick a few of my favorites and highlight them in the link up post.

The link up will be open from Thursday 4/14 at 10:00 PM CST to Monday 4/18 at midnight CST. Feel free to share with friends!


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Children’s Book Review: Drinking Animals

Recently I got the chance to read and review “Drinking Animals” by Dan Jackson. This is a wonderful educational book intended for children of preschool age up to beginning readers.

Drinking Animals” features real pictures of animals not illustrations, drinking water.  Besides the fantastic, colorful pictures, Dan Jackson includes interesting facts about the animals, their water requirements, and their abilities. Not only will kids love the animals but almost everyone reading this book will learn something!

While I really like the e-book I really wish this could be purchased as a hard copy. I know e-books are the books of the future, but I will always prefer to have the real thing in my hands.

You can get a Kindle copy of this book right now on Amazon for $3.00!

Click here to get your copy today!

I received this book complimentary in exchange for my honest review. I only review items that I would consider purchasing for myself or my family.


#ThoughtfulThursday Week 5: Mothers

I’m sure you all know that Mother’s Day will soon be upon us once more. This year my Mother’s Day will be different than it has been in the past because now I’m also a mother.

I’m celebrating being a mother. I’m celebrating all the wonderful things my mother has done for me and my family. I’m celebrating the way my mother-in-law raised my husband, because without him I don’t think I would be the kind of mother that I am. I’m celebrating having two loving grandmothers who were around to help instill their values in me and that they are still here to love on my little girl.

Today we celebrate mothers.

I decided to share some quotes about mothers a little before Mother’s Day so that all you crafty, Pinteresting people out there that might want a nice quote for a project still have plenty of time before the big day is here!

So, without further ado…

Mother - Agatha ChristieI love this quote.

There really is nothing like the love of a mother for her children. I can attest to this sentiment, there is truly nothing I would not do for my daughter.

She is my motivation.

Mother - Tina FeyTruer words were never spoken.

Never in my life have I been as happy as I have been the last 18 months of my life. (Through pregnancy and now 9 months with our Dragonling. ) However, I cannot remember a time I was this tired…

Seriously, not even in college.

Mother -Gyllenhaal Being a mom is hard.

It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had.

Why are there so many mothers criticizing other mothers? Why aren’t we more supportive of other women in the same shoes as we? What do we think we’re going to accomplish by putting down someone else who probably just needs a little support?

Next time you see a mother out with her kids and struggling in some way be supportive. Tell her she’s doing a good job.

Don’t tell her how you would handle it if they were your kids.
Don’t tell her what she should be doing differently.
Don’t make a stressful situation more stressful.

Just let her know that you believe in her.

Mother - WildeI couldn’t have said it better myself.

mathlovinmama-1Motherhood is the great equalizer.

It doesn’t matter where a child is from, what they’ve been through in their life, or if you agree with the lifestyle they’ve been raised with… When a child is hurting, every mother hurts. When a child is in need, every mother wants to fulfill that need. When a child is in danger, every mother wants to bring them to safety.

Mothers are one of the most precious commodities our world has to offer. We should appreciate them more often.


This week I found my quotes using the Mother’s Day quote finder from ProFlowers. The quote finder features 80 quotes from famous people about mothers. It was really hard to pick the best ones, and obviously I couldn’t put all 80 in this post so you should definitely go check it out for yourself! It might just have the perfect line for inside your Mother’s Day card. (And send Mom some flowers while you’re there. 😉 )

Quote artwork courtesy of ProFlowers.


What are you celebrating this Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear some of your favorite memories of you mothers!








#Thoughtful Thursday Week 4: Optimism

Optimism – /ˈäptəˌmizəm/


  1. Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.
  2. PHILOSOPHY: The doctrine, especially as set forth by Leibniz, that this world is the best of all possible worlds.

It has been a stressful few days here at the Math Lovin’ household, so this week’s theme is going to be optimism.

For some people optimism comes easily and for others it’s a struggle to move past the reality of a tough situation to see the positive. Personally, I can fall into either group depending on the day. I consider myself a realist, erring on the side of optimistic but this week it has been hard to stay to that side of the spectrum. I definitely needed some inspiration to get me through the week.

Here are a couple quotes that have kept me going this week:

We must return optimism to our parenting

Dragonling has had a rough week. She’s been having tummy issues as well as teething.
I keep thinking one morning she will just wake up with a full set of teeth ready for some steak. Seriously… any day now would be great.

Hope is definitely not the same thing as optimism

I think the first sentence of this one is what got me. I can be hopeful without being optimistic, and I can have optimism without hope. I prefer to be hopeful as well as optimistic, but I think it’s important to realize that one can exist without the other.

I think that about wraps up this week. Be sure to join me again next week for a special Mother’s Day edition of #ThoughtfulThursday. (Yes I know it’s not Mother’s Day yet, but maybe some of you Pinterest savvy folks needs a cute quote for project!?)


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Water Is Hope

Water is Hope

Nearly one billion people lack access to clean, safe drinking water worldwide. In some parts of the world, potable water comes from unprotected sources and often carries bacteria and harmful diseases, including E.coli, cholera, and hepatitis A.

March 22 is World Water Day, a day for everyone to recognize that clean, safe drinking water is a luxury that far too many people take for granted. In most places in the developed world all we have to do is turn on the tap to get a glass of safe, clean water to drink, but there are still many places where that is not the case.

In some countries, getting a glass of water means walking four miles to the nearest source, a task usually left up to the women and young girls. For their efforts, there is no guarantee the water will be clean and they run the risk of assault as they perform this necessary chore. Once the water is collected, they return home, another 4+ miles, carrying a 40 pound jerrycan full of water.

Sixty-three children in Uganda die every day from the lack of clean water. Their small bodies are not prepared to deal with the various parasites, bacteria, and diseases found in their unclean drinking water. Many of these children die from diarrhea and dehydration.

The supply of water is limited and the demand for water is ever increasing. The need for freshwater and energy will continue to increase in the coming decades, due to the growth of society. This increase in demand will cause a strain on the already limited water resources available in many developing communities and countries.

Water is hope.

Clean water can give a village hope. Hope that young girls are able to attend school instead of spending hours and walking many miles in the pursuit of drinking water. Hope that boys and girls will no longer be too sick and weak to attend school, a better education will lead to opportunities to earn a better living. Hope that more women can feel safe in their own communities by not putting themselves in a vulnerable situation while collecting water their families need for survival.

Clean water is the first step to a better education, a growing economy, and to the end of poverty in these areas.

Clean water is hope.


Three Avocados, a St. Louis-based nonprofit coffee company, has announced they are hosting a “Wake Up to Water Day” to support World Water Day. Founded in 2010, this nonprofit company gives 100 percent of its net proceeds to provide clean drinking water in Uganda and education in Nicaragua.

Today, on World Water Day, Three Avocados encourages all coffee-drinkers to grab a friend for a cup of coffee and discuss the topic of clean drinking water, water famine, and the increasing demand for water around the world.

“Every day is a World Water Day for us at Three Avocados. For every bag of Ugandan coffee we sell, we provide clean drinking water for life to individuals in Uganda, a region which suffers a water crisis. Easy access to clean water can bring hope and preserve the local culture.”
.-Joe Koenig, founder of Three Avocados.

Join Three Avocados for a cup of coffee and to spread awareness of World Water Day on March 22.

Every day for the last few weeks I have been able to #wakeuptowater with a cup of freshly brewed Three Avocados coffee. Knowing what this company stands for definitely gave me pause to think as I enjoyed my cup each morning.

Three Avocados Coffee - http://www.threeavocados.org/

If you’re a bold coffee lover, I heartily recommend their Ugandan coffee. The aroma is intoxicating and the flavor unmatched. Plus you’ll enjoy that cup a little more knowing that you’re helping to provide clean drinking water to the people of Uganda.

Ugandan Coffee - Clean Water

If you’re looking for a more subtle flavor for your morning cuppa, the Nicaraguan coffee is what you want. It also has a wonderful aroma and a mild flavor that leaves you wanting another cup.  Each cup of Nicaraguan coffee helps to provide a primary education for children in Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan Coffee - Primary Education

Three Avocados is also offering a free, limited edition World Water t-shirt with any purchase of $25 or more, today only. To learn more about this wonderful company or to purchase online, visit http://www.threeavocados.org.