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Brooklyn Bean Roastery Giveaway

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Giveaway (2 Winners!) Ends 5/27!

Brooklyn Bean Roastery GiveawayDeliciously Savvy Is Hosting a Brooklyn Bean Roastery Giveaway! 2 Lucky Winners will receive a 40Ct Box of Assorted Brooklyn Bean Coffee KCups! These are my absolute favorite of all KCups and you will not be disappointed! Enter Today & Good Luck!

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Water Is Hope

Water is Hope

Nearly one billion people lack access to clean, safe drinking water worldwide. In some parts of the world, potable water comes from unprotected sources and often carries bacteria and harmful diseases, including E.coli, cholera, and hepatitis A.

March 22 is World Water Day, a day for everyone to recognize that clean, safe drinking water is a luxury that far too many people take for granted. In most places in the developed world all we have to do is turn on the tap to get a glass of safe, clean water to drink, but there are still many places where that is not the case.

In some countries, getting a glass of water means walking four miles to the nearest source, a task usually left up to the women and young girls. For their efforts, there is no guarantee the water will be clean and they run the risk of assault as they perform this necessary chore. Once the water is collected, they return home, another 4+ miles, carrying a 40 pound jerrycan full of water.

Sixty-three children in Uganda die every day from the lack of clean water. Their small bodies are not prepared to deal with the various parasites, bacteria, and diseases found in their unclean drinking water. Many of these children die from diarrhea and dehydration.

The supply of water is limited and the demand for water is ever increasing. The need for freshwater and energy will continue to increase in the coming decades, due to the growth of society. This increase in demand will cause a strain on the already limited water resources available in many developing communities and countries.

Water is hope.

Clean water can give a village hope. Hope that young girls are able to attend school instead of spending hours and walking many miles in the pursuit of drinking water. Hope that boys and girls will no longer be too sick and weak to attend school, a better education will lead to opportunities to earn a better living. Hope that more women can feel safe in their own communities by not putting themselves in a vulnerable situation while collecting water their families need for survival.

Clean water is the first step to a better education, a growing economy, and to the end of poverty in these areas.

Clean water is hope.


Three Avocados, a St. Louis-based nonprofit coffee company, has announced they are hosting a “Wake Up to Water Day” to support World Water Day. Founded in 2010, this nonprofit company gives 100 percent of its net proceeds to provide clean drinking water in Uganda and education in Nicaragua.

Today, on World Water Day, Three Avocados encourages all coffee-drinkers to grab a friend for a cup of coffee and discuss the topic of clean drinking water, water famine, and the increasing demand for water around the world.

“Every day is a World Water Day for us at Three Avocados. For every bag of Ugandan coffee we sell, we provide clean drinking water for life to individuals in Uganda, a region which suffers a water crisis. Easy access to clean water can bring hope and preserve the local culture.”
.-Joe Koenig, founder of Three Avocados.

Join Three Avocados for a cup of coffee and to spread awareness of World Water Day on March 22.

Every day for the last few weeks I have been able to #wakeuptowater with a cup of freshly brewed Three Avocados coffee. Knowing what this company stands for definitely gave me pause to think as I enjoyed my cup each morning.

Three Avocados Coffee - http://www.threeavocados.org/

If you’re a bold coffee lover, I heartily recommend their Ugandan coffee. The aroma is intoxicating and the flavor unmatched. Plus you’ll enjoy that cup a little more knowing that you’re helping to provide clean drinking water to the people of Uganda.

Ugandan Coffee - Clean Water

If you’re looking for a more subtle flavor for your morning cuppa, the Nicaraguan coffee is what you want. It also has a wonderful aroma and a mild flavor that leaves you wanting another cup.  Each cup of Nicaraguan coffee helps to provide a primary education for children in Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan Coffee - Primary Education

Three Avocados is also offering a free, limited edition World Water t-shirt with any purchase of $25 or more, today only. To learn more about this wonderful company or to purchase online, visit http://www.threeavocados.org.



Today Brought to You by…

coffeeSo recently Dragonling 1.0 has not been sleeping well. Not falling asleep easily, doesn’t want to be put down, and not staying asleep long. Obviously this makes for a tired, crabby baby in the morning. It also makes a tired and crabby Mommy and Daddy…

Last night was the pinnacle, I hope, of bad sleep in recent memory.

Yesterday she hardly napped. A couple little 20 minute cat naps throughout the day, but nothing that would even come close to a quality sleeping experience. By the time Papa Dragon came home I was ready to hand off Dragonling for some father/daughter time.

The night started off like a normal night.

Around 6:00 PM we got out some squash and bananas for Dragonling’s supper. She ate well and seemed to be feeling pretty good but was pretty tired.

I’m sure the unusual burst of fresh air had something to do with that, however in January Iowans don’t turn down outdoor time when the weather is nice. We need all the Vitamin D we can get!

After she ate it was time for pjs and Momma snuggles while nursing. She fell asleep quickly and I laid her in her crib around 7:30 PM.

Like normal, she woke up about an hour later for the rest of her evening snack, but this time she would not go back to sleep.

Now, we have just started some sleep training in an attempt to get her to sleep better through the night. Our plan has been to try to lay her down still partially awake so she can learn to self-soothe herself to sleep the rest of the way.

We are also transitioning from a Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play to her crib. We might be insane.

Because we have a couple major changes going on at once our plan is to take things very gradually. So, for the time being, the goal is get her laid down in her crib, drowsy the first time she goes to bed each night. The second time she’s ready to go down, we will attempt to lay her in the crib while drowsy but limit the attempt to no more than a 30 minutes. After 30 minutes we will just lay her back in the Rock ‘N Play.

It seems good in theory, and in practice it worked yesterday…

Today, not so much.

It took me three hours to get her back to sleep and laid down.

Three hours.

Three. Hours.


During those three hours I nursed her twice (the first because she was hungry and the second was just for comfort), I changed her diaper, I rocked her, I walked with her, and every time I tried to lay her down she woke up the instant her head hit the bed. Screaming.

There was no build up. Just screaming.

Finally, after the second feeding she dozed off and I was able to put her down. I quickly jumped into bed also, because I knew that she would more than likely be up at least one more time before morning. (Actual morning, like 7:00 AM, not this 5:00 AM business.)

By this time it was about midnight.

At 2:30 AM she was up again.

Again she ate. Again she woke up the instant her head hit the bed. I tried, unsuccessfully, for 45 minutes to get her to sleep before I called in reinforcements.

Papa Dragon came in and got the Dragonling calmed down and, once again, tried to lay her down.

Instant. Screaming.

So I nursed her again.

Asleep. Dead asleep in less than 5 minutes.

I laid her down (4:00 AM) and again I slept.

At 6:30 AM she was up again, but this time I just had to nurse her and lay her in the bed next to me and she was out.

One more hour. I got one more hour.

At 7:30 AM she was up and ready for the day… I was not.

Thank God for Keurig machines and coffee. Copious amounts of coffee.


Oh, and did I mention she got her 6 month vaccine shots today…