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Wordless Wednesday

A Day at the Zoo

Bedtime Snuggles

Bedtime snuggles are the best kind of snuggles.

They are the kind of snuggles you get when a tiny person feels completely safe and relaxed in their own little world. The kind that says, ‘I might have been kind of crabby today, Mommy, but I love you and I know you love me.’ The kind that tells you that you must have done something right, even on those days when you’re not so sure.

I love bedtime snuggles.

At our house, we have something of a bedtime routine. Not a strictly timed routine, but an order of operations, so to speak.

Our normal order of operations goes: bath time, reading time, bed time.

Bath time is usually Daddy/Dragonling time. During the first year, when I was home with her, we started this because then Daddy had dedicated time to spend with her every night. Now that he is home with her and I am working we’ve kept it the same mostly because it is part of the routine.

After her bath, Dragonling gets a little massage when we put on her lotion and then into pajamas she goes.

Once the pajamas are on, responsibility for bedtime switches over to Mommy.

Bedtime is my favorite time of day with Dragonling. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking her to the zoo, playing in the park, and all the playtime at home, but I love bedtime and not just because it means I’m closer to some uninterrupted Me-time.

Dragonling loves books, just like her parents, so I can be assured to get to read at least 3 stories before bed. Sometimes it’s the same story three times, but that is still three stories of snuggle time. Occasionally we add 15-20 minutes of tv watching before stories because Dragonling also likes to cuddle while she watches her favorite show, Puffin Rock.

After stories are read comes the time for more snuggles while I rock her to sleep.

We turn on her fountain and noise machine, shut off the light, and sit down in the rocking chair. She usually puts her head on my shoulder and wraps her arms around my neck and buries her nose under my chin. My favorite time…

I say her bedtime prayer with her,

Jesus, tender shepherd, hear me;
Bless thy Little Lamb tonight;
In the darkness, be thou near me;
Keep me safe ’til morning light.

Then we sing together until she gets too tired and then I sing some more. Most of the time the melodies are to songs I know, but I almost always make up the words as I go. I sing about what we did that day or the things we’ll do tomorrow. I sing about all the people who love her. I sing about the hopes and dreams I have for her. I sing because singing makes me happy and at ease and I want that for her too.

When I’ve sung all the words I have for the day sometimes I just sit with her, in the rocking chair, and think about life for a while. Sometimes, when she’s restless and can’t get comfortable, I lay her down and tuck her in. But every time, I tell her I love her and I kiss her goodnight.

Goodnight, goodnight.

Sometimes bedtime is the only true quality time I get to spend with her because life moves fast and time goes faster than I want.  Last night I realized that, since she was born, I have put my daughter to sleep every single night.

Six hundred forty-four nights… 644.

Being a Mommy is the most important job I have and I would not trade it for the world.

Count your blessings.

Goodnight, goodnight.


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Children’s Book Review: Nurtured and Nuzzled

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The Math Lovin Momma Reviews: Nurtured and Nuzzled

Recently I got the chance to read and review “Nurtured and Nuzzled by Mike Speiser. This is an adorable book intended for children from newborn to age five. (Of course, you don’t have to stop reading it when your child turns 6, but it is definitely written for a young audience.)

Nurtured and Nuzzled” is written in English and Spanish. So it’s a great way to introduce your child to another language and maybe even become a little more bilingual yourself! 

The illustrations are bright and cheery with just the right amount of detail to keep the interest of a small child. Dragonling loves to point out the animals on each page, with special attention given to the babies, of course. She especially enjoys the page with the mother breastfeeding the baby, that page gets some extra “Baby? Momma? Baby. Momma.” when we read.

"Babies are breastfed"

Although this is not a board book, the pages are thick and durable so they stand up to the rough handling of a toddler, which, at least in this house, is a very good quality to have. We are hard on books. They get read over and over, Dragonling drags them around the house to various locations to find the best “reading” light. Cats sit on them. Occasionally they get shoved under the couch or the TV stand. Covers and pages bent. This book has held up and, so far, seems to show little wear and tear. 

Nurtured and Nuzzled” can be purchased from Platypus Media or from Amazon for $9.95.

Want your own copy? Click here to buy on Amazon now!

I received this book complimentary in exchange for my honest review. I only review items that I would consider purchasing for myself or my family.

Check out my YouTube review here!


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Count Your Blessings: My Unexpected Night Off

Count Your Blessings

Life has been pretty crazy at home lately. Trying to teach full-time, be a full-time graduate student, wife, and mother all at the same time is taking its toll.

In addition to being more sleep deprived than usual, I have been having some serious attacks of the ‘Mom-Guilt’ persuasion lately, so when my evening unexpectedly opened up I took full advantage of the family time that has been so rare lately.

The original game plan had been to get home from school at about 4:00, hang out with Dragonling for a half an hour or so, and then retreat to my desk to do school work until supper. I planned to eat supper with Dragonling and Science Lovin’ Papa and then return to my school work. I had hoped to finish the assignment that was due at midnight before bedtime (8:30) so after I put Dragonling to bed I could start the training for the distance standardized test scoring that I will be doing as a short little side job. Last time the training took a couple hours so I expected to be up till 11:00 or midnight to check that off my ‘to-do’ list.

But Someone must have known that this Momma needed a night off to spend with her family because the stars aligned and I suddenly found myself with none of the deadlines I had anticipated.

When I went up to my desk after school I opened up my online portal for my graduate classes and saw an announcement from my professor. The due date for the assignment that was due tonight had been extended. Knowing I had a few more days I decided to start my test scoring training to get it out of the way, so I went to my email to find the link to the training page only to find that instead of starting on April 6th I had misread the date. Scoring training doesn’t start until April 16th. As I let this news sink in I suddenly realized that for the first time in many days I had a night where I could actually put things off and not make it worse in the end.

I took full advantage of this small blessing.

Science Lovin’ Papa cooked dinner, then we all sat at the table and enjoyed a relaxed supper. We had time to talk about our day and I could sit and enjoy the time without thinking about how late I was going to be up to finish my homework.

After supper, Dragonling and I played with Play-Doh. Mostly we just smashed it because Dragonling is only one and a half, but it was the most fun I’ve had with Play-Doh in years. Watching her eyes light up when I molded the dough into a cat face or a caterpillar warmed my heart.

When she was finished with the Play-Doh, Dragonling looked at me and very sweetly said, “Car?”

“Where do you think we should go?” I asked.

Shhlide? Shlide.” she replied.

“You think we should go to the park and play on the slide? Ok. Let’s find your shoes.”

All I heard after that was excited squealing and frantic running about looking for anything she might possibly need to get that show on the road. She found my purse, Papa’s hat, her shoes, and her coat.

We piled into the car and headed for the park.

At the park, there was only one other child on the equipment and he took off after his parents soon after we arrived. I followed her up the steps, over to one of the slides, then she sat on my lap as we went down. Then she hopped off and raced around to the stairs to do it again. We did this over and over and over…

Most nights I would have been ready to stop after the fourth or fifth time down the slide with her, but tonight was different. The weather was beautiful, a little windy, but sunny and not too cold. All I could think about was all the times I had missed taking her to the park already and all the times in the coming months that I would have to do homework instead of spending time with my baby. (Cue Mom-guilt.)

My night off wasn’t planned. I didn’t spend it doing the things on my ‘to-do’ list. It was spontaneous and it was perfect.

When we got home from the park, I Dragonling and I showered and then she had a bath to play a bit in the water. Bath time is usually a task taken on by Papa Dragon but tonight I really wanted to do it. I let her play in the water longer than usual and Papa came and watched her while I got the after bath things ready. We got pajamas on and then went downstairs for a small snack, one episode of ‘Puffin Rock’, and snuggles.

Then it was bed time. We read a book and then we cuddled in the rocking chair. When I laid her down in her crib she looked up at me and said, “Wuv you, Mama.”

“I love you too, Aurora.”

I kissed her forehead like always and she grabbed my face and kissed my cheek.

A perfect end, to a perfect unexpected night off.

Count your blessings. Savor the moments, especially the ones you didn’t know you were going to get.

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And the Job Hunt Begins…

Interview Road Trip

Some of you probably noticed my absence last week.  Sorry about that, life got crazy and there are only 24 hours in a day.

Seems like something of this caliber happens every time I decide it’s time to make some changes and announce my goals to the world.

I knew it was coming, I’d been sending in applications left and right for the last couple weeks hoping for a phone call or two. Well last week I got them.

Two calls. Two interviews. One week. No babysitter on call. (I’m a stay-at-home-mom ya know!)

The first interview was for an online teaching position, thus online interview.  My responses to the interview questions had to be recorded using my iPad and then sent off to the interwebs to be viewed by the schools hiring committee. I think the idea of online high school is intriguing and I was very excited I was chosen for an interview but the virtual interview process was just as nerve-wracking as in person.

No news yet, but hopefully soon!

The second interview required a road trip across Iowa because the job was on the other side of the state.

Usually I love road-trips; sight-seeing, picnics, a little light hiking, and lots of adventure.

Not this road-trip.

Four and half hours one way, if you don’t stop, with a 9 month old.

Wednesday afternoon Dragonling, Grandma, and I set off for Eastern Iowa. We only stopped 3 times on the way over and arrived at our hotel a little after 11:00 p.m. My interview was Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m. so in a perfect world I still had plenty of time to sleep.

Dragonling had other plans.

After two hours of baby partying I was finally able to get her to sleep next to me on the bed. She slept for about three hours; I probably slept for those three hours too but not very deeply, I was too paranoid about her being next to me. After her early morning snack we both slept again for three hours, same set up as before. (Why did I even bring the pack ‘n play?)

I was up at 7:30 to get ready for the interview. I planned for time to get ready, eat breakfast, nurse Dragonling, and go over my lesson plan. All was going well until I sat down to review my lesson and realized I had made a huge error and there was no way to fix it before I was supposed to be at the high school.

Nothing like improvising a math lesson for 25 kids you’ve never met while being observed by two instructional coaches, a classroom teacher, the assistant principal, and the head of the math department….


The entire interview process lasted about 3 hours, after which I returned to the hotel to pack up and get ready to head back across the state.

We left for home at about 2:30 p.m. and by the time we reached Great-Grandmas to drop off Grandma it was 10:30 p.m. After driving in rain and snow all day I decided to stay the night.

Yep, you read that right.


In April.

Gotta love Iowa.

Friday morning after breakfast, Dragonling and I finished our journey back home where I promptly collapsed. (More or less.)

At least the last leg of our trip was short and uneventful.

I spent the rest of the day Friday, all day Saturday, and most of the day Sunday and Monday in bed. I cannot remember the last time I felt so terrible.

Headache, chills, cold sweats, fever, stuffy nose, cough.

No fun.

Tuesday was the first day I started to feel almost human again.

Which brings us to now, faithful readers. Now I’m ready to get back in the game. I’m ready to write, I’m ready to work on my April goals, and I’m ready to get back to normal!