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God’s Garden Shop Spotlight + Review

Today I’m going to introduce you to another fantastic shop that features all natural products – God’s Garden Products. For this piece I was able to try out their Grapefruit Mint Body Scrub, their Lavender Chamomile Bath Soak,and their Siesta Natural Sleep Aid Spray.

My Thoughts

 Over all I was very pleased with all the products I got to try.  The first one I want to talk about is the Siesta Natural Sleep Aid Spray. When Mignon and I were conversing about the products I mentioned that the Dragonling hadn’t been sleeping well. She said she had a product that might help her sleep better, and let me tell you it does help!

She still doesn’t sleep all night but I can definitely tell a difference when I use the room spray; she is so much calmer and is able to rest for longer periods of time.

Aside from the perk of a few extra hours of shut eye, the spray has a wonderful scent. Lavender, ylang-ylang, palma rosa, and sweet orange essential oils all combine to make a soothing scent that really does help you relax.

God's Garden|Siesta! Natural Sleep Aid Spray
Photo Credit: God’s Garden Products

The second product I was able to check out was the Lavender Chamomile Relaxing Natural Bath Soak. I’m sure many of the Mommas reading this will understand when I say it is a rare time for me to get a nice relaxing bath, so when I got this in the mail I was eager to test it out!

Luckily I have a wonderful husband who offered to give me time for a soothing soak shortly after it’s arrival. 🙂

The scent is very nice and the fact that the lavender pods open up in the warm water is a beautiful added bonus. (Even though they are a bit annoying to clean up afterward.)

God's Garden|Lavender Chamomile Relaxing Natural Bath Soak
Photo Credit: God’s Garden Products

 The last product I was given to review was the Bliss! Grapefruit Mint Body Scrub. Although the scents seemed a little unorthodox when I read the name, I was pleasantly surprised at how fond I was of it when in use. The citrus-mint mix is very refreshing!

I have used numerous body scrubs in the past and I always feel that it takes an inordinate amount of time to rinse them off. They usually feel thick and it is hard to get everything rinsed away.

This body scrub was different.

I would compare it to salon grade scrubs used for many pedicures. It was easy to use and easy to rinse off, all while being very effective! I used it after shaving my legs and I can honestly say I don’t think my legs had ever felt so soft. I will definitely be making it a regular part of my bathing routine going forward.

God's Garden|Bliss! Grapefruit Mint Body Scrub
Photo Credit: God’s Garden Prodcuts

Now, faithful readers, I have a great special exclusively for you! Use the code WHW15 when you check out and receive 15% off of your order from God’s Garden Products!

Current Shop Favorites

I loved the Grapefruit Mint Body Scrub so much I would love to try another scent. Currently God’s Garden Products has 7 scents available for purchase: Lemon Drop, Juniper Rosemary, Harmony Ylang-Ylang, Bliss-Grapefruit Mint, Jasmine Blossom, Peppermint, and Lavender. They also have a Chamomile Rose Facial Scrub.

I think I’d like to try Lemon Drop first. It sounds so refreshing, especially as we move into the Summer months!

God's Garden|Lemon Drop Body Scrub
Photo Credit: God’s Garden Products

Another product I’d like to check out is their body mist. Usually I’m not much for perfumes or cologne but their body mist sounds so light I think I would really enjoy wearing it.

God's Garden|Radiance: Lavender Jasmine Body Mist
Photo Credit: God’s Garden Products

I’d also like to try out their Refresh Room Spray. I was so impressed with the Siesta Sleep Room Spray I’d be interested to see if the Refresh works as well.

God's Garden|Revive! Citrus Mint Room Spray
Photo Credit: God’s Garden Products

More About God’s Garden Products

Mignon Murrell is the owner and creator of God’s Garden Products. She started researching natural and therapeutic products that could be used for healing and maintaining her own health while on a sabbatical from her career in full time ministry. Her research led her to create God’s Garden Products.

These are all natural products made with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils for use in home, for health, and body.

You can stay up-to-date with new products and information about God’s Garden Products at the links below.

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Disclaimer: I received this item for free or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I only review items that I would be interested in purchasing for myself or my family.


Babymoon Boutique Shop Spotlight & Review +Giveaway

Today I’m introducing you to a different kind of Etsy shop than I’ve posted about before. Babymoon Boutique specializes in one-of-a-kind machine embroidery.

Babymoon Boutique

My Thoughts

My first thought as I pulled these key chains out of the package was that they seemed durable and they were adorable. In my opinion, durable is a good characteristic for a key chain to have and being cute is just an added bonus!

I received two key chains and a bag charm for this review.

The breastfeeding  key chain is done on black leather with teal stitching and the cloth diapering key chain is on white leather with purple stitching. They are a little less than 2 inches wide by 2 inches tall and fully double sided. These two fold over the metal ring and then stitched together, keeping the leather securely attached to the key ring. The ring it is still very mobile, making it easy to attach and remove from your keys.

Breastfeeding & Cloth Diapering
P.S. The tiny blue thread on the breastfeeding key chain is because I snagged it on my purse zipper. Oops!

Another thing that I like is that the stitches are neat and the threads are trimmed nicely. The bright colors are a lot of fun and Dragonling loves to chew on them! (Teething means everything is fair game for our chewing needs!)

The other product I received was a blue Police box bag charm. The bag charm is done on blue pleather with black and white stitching and backed in a white pleather. The charm has a tab that flips through the clip at the top and secured with a grey plastic snap.

Blue Police Box

Again the stitching is nice and even and the threads have been clipped so you don’t have strings hanging down. A perfect gift for any Whovian!

According to Sheila’s Etsy page,

“I’ve been sewing as long as I can remember, and it is no stretch to say that sewing is in my bones. Literally. When I was a child, my mother and my grandmothers were excellent seamstresses and let me create with them my whole life growing up. At some point in my life, while under their guidance, I must have slipped away and stepped on a needle…because some twenty years later an X-ray revealed one embedded deep in my foot! This caused a minor panic in the ER, but it was painless, and had been present for years so I opted not to have surgery. That needle remains with me even now as a very special connection to my craft.”

Kind of a fun little story! Sheila has been sewing her whole life and you can definitely tell by the level of craftsmanship in these beautiful leather key chains.

*** I received complimentary product for the purpose of review. The views expressed here are entirely my own. I only review products I would purchase for myself or my family.

Current Shop Favorites

There are so many things in Babymoon Boutique‘s shop that I love it was really hard to narrow down to just a few favorites. Please take a few minutes and go check it out for yourself, there is literally something for everyone!

This first group would be adorable hanging off the side of your purse or craft bag. Tell the world what you like to do!

These would make great bag charms to keep track of your kids’ various activities.

There’s even things for your nerdy side! Perfect for any Whovian or Minecraft connoisseur.

Your Nerdy Side

If you’re not into key chains or bag charms then you should check out her felt puzzles. I love this l little Jelly Toast puzzle! Perfect for tiny hands.

PBJ felt puzzle

No matter what your interests Babymoon Boutique has something for you!

More About Babymoon Boutique

Sheila Ryan is the heart and soul of Babymoon Boutique. She decided to open her own shop after the birth of her fifth child. She had been working in another shop and decided she was ready to set out on her own!

The things in her shop may be made by her but she has a supportive team in her husband and her nine children. Who better for an honest product review than family, right?

From her Etsy About page,

A babymoon is that sweet time when a mother, and family, welcomes the newest little addition to their home. It is a time of gentleness, reflection, love and peace, and it is these qualities I strive to incorporate in all of my products. The time with a newborn is so very precious and short, but so incredibly powerful in the life and growth of a new mother. Supporting new moms is one of my dear passions in real life, and the bonds I’ve made with dear friends through my former work with la leche league will last forever.

To stay up to date with Babymoon Boutique you can follow her at the links below:

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Babymoon Boutique Flip Flop Bag Charm Giveaway

MKnits4Sanity Infinity Scarf Review & Shop Credit Giveaway

MKnits4Sanity Infinity Scarf Review Promo

As a life long Iowan, during the winter, I am always on the look out for a good scarf! In my opinion you can’t have too many scarves, they really are the perfect accessory.

Today, I am happy to be able to bring you a review of the perfect addition to any scarf collection.

My Thoughts

The multi-color wave crocheted infinity scarf from MKnits4Sanity is the ideal three seasons scarf.

Wrapped twice around the neck it provides a little warmth that would be right for blocking the chill in the Spring or Fall. Then, if you wrap it a third time it adds just the right amount of bulk to cover your whole neck for wear during the frigid Winter months.

MKnits4Sanity Wave Infinity Scarf Double Wrapped
Double Wrapped
MKnits4Sanity Wave Infinity Scarf Triple Wrapped
Triple Wrapped








The scarf is crocheted on the diagonal using Red Heart Boutique Treasure Yarn in Tapestry. This type of yarn is 70% acrylic and 30% wool, giving it a durable, yet soft feel. This also means the care of the scarf is very simple, just wash on cold and lay flat to dry. The Tapestry yarn has a variegated color palette, which includes deep purple, forest green, red, orange, and brown that naturally form stripes in the finished product.

MKnits4Sanity Multi-Color Wave Infinity Scarf
MKnits4Sanity Wave Infinity Scarf

Being a crocheter myself, I’d also like to point out that the tension in the yarn is perfect. The stitches are nice and even, making the width down the entire length of the scarf very uniform. The finishing is also nicely done with no loose ends hanging down to get caught in a loose zipper.

Even Tension & Uniform Stitches
Even Tension & Uniform Stitches

Overall, MKnits4Sanity has provided a beautiful, expertly scarf that I cannot wait to show off!

***MKnits4Sanity provided me, The Math Lovin’ Momma, with this infinity scarf, free of charge, for the purposes of review. The views expressed here are entirely my own. I only review products I would purchase for myself or my family.

More About MKnits4Sanity

Margaret, the founder of MKnits4Sanity, is a stay-at-home-mom with three children, a husband, and a dog. She loves to knit, crochet, sew, and share her love of handmade items!

To stay up to date with Margaret and MKnits4Sanity follow her at the links below!

Etsy Shop: MKnits4Sanity.Etsy.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mknits4sanity
Instagram: @margaretlh83
Twitter: @MKnits4Sanity

The Giveaway

It’s your lucky day!

Margaret from, MKnits4Sanity, is giving away one (1) $20.00 shop credit to one of my wonderful readers. Just click the banner below to get to the giveaway page and fill out the form.

Giveaway runs from noon Friday, March 6, 2015 until midnight Friday, March 27, 2015.

Good luck!

MKnits4Sanity $20 Etsy Shop Credit

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