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My Body Utopia Product Review + Giveaway

I received these products complimentary or at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review. The views expressed here are honest and entirely my own.
I only review products I would consider purchasing for myself or my family.

My Body Utopia Shop Spotlight & Review + Giveaway

My Thoughts:

First of all, this review for My Body Utopia has been a long time coming, so long in fact that the packaging on the product that I received has been updated as you can see in the above picture. Don’t worry pictures of my actual product will be seen below! 

Sparkling Meadows Natural Deodorant:

This was my first time trying an all natural deodorant and, I must say, I was skeptical at first. I had been using the same deodorant for so long and I knew that it worked so why rock the boat! I am so glad I tried this product!

The deodorant I was using did work but I didn’t realize how poorly it had been working until I tried My Body Utopia’s natural deodorant. Not only did it smell better, it lasted long and kept my underarms dry longer too. (All important characteristics of any deodorant, in my opinion.)

The one thing that I didn’t like at first was the texture. It seemed like it was too soft compared to the deodorants I knew. However, after I had been using it for a while the texture became less of an issue.  

Another thing I like is that it seems to last a little longer than the tube I bought at the store and when you consider the benefits of all natural the difference in price is no big deal!


Product Details:

All of My Body Utopia’s natural deodorants are hand made. The Sparkling Meadows scent that I reviewed is made with coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax, arrowroot powder, baking soda, bentonite clay, and floral fragrance. Currently, you can purchase a regular size 2.5 oz. tube ($8.50) or a 0.625 oz. trial size tube ($3.25) in whichever scent you choose.

Currently available aluminum free scents include: Fresh Cotton, Fruity Splash,
Land of Lavender, Pure Man of Steel, Scent Free, Sparkling Meadows,
and Zesty Lemongrass

Kitchen Clean Hands Soap:

First impression of this bar of soap? It smells wonderful!

I am not a big fan of bar soaps because they usually leave my hands feeling almost too clean. You know kind of squeaky. I hate that.

This bar of soap doesn’t do that. My hands felt clean but it was a good kind of clean feeling. A natural kind of clean feeling.

My Body Utopia advertises that this soap will get rid of onion and garlic smells that stick to your hands after cooking. A claim I was skeptical of because, let’s face it, onion and garlic odors hang around forever. So I tested it out!

Much to my surprise, it worked! I didn’t completely get rid of the smell with the first wash but after a second round, if I hadn’t known I had just been slicing and onion, I wouldn’t after smelling my hands either.


Kitchen Clean Soap

Product Details:

All of My Body Utopia’s bar soaps are hand made. The Kitchen Clean Hands soap that I reviewed is made with palm kernel oil, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, castor oil, lye, water, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, melaleuca essential oil, and colorants. Soaps are cut so you receive about 4.25 oz. in each bar.

Currently available handcrafted specialty soaps ($8.00) include: 

  • Dolphin Smooth Shaving Soap 
  • Dude Degreaser Soap
  • Garden Grit Bee Gone
  • Kitchen Clean Hands

Other handcrafted soap scents ($6.00) available include:

  • Bunches of Lavender and Mint
  • Cutting Down Lemongrass
  • Just Lavender 
  • Perfect Man

My Body Utopia also has some discounted and discontinued soaps still available for $2.50-$2.75 in the following scents.

  • Cherry Honey Bomb
  • Cup of Chai Tea
  • Gingerbread House
  • Glass of Berrywine
  • Holiday Candy
  • Rolling in Cloves

Current Shop Favorites:

I really enjoyed both of the products I was able to review and will definitely be ordering more of both. When I went to peruse the website I found a whole host of other items that I might want to try, here are a few of my favorites:

Spearimint Madness lipbalm

Spearmint Madness Lip Balm: $2.99

Cooling Wintergreen Toothpaste

Cooling Wintergreen Toothpaste: $5.99

More About My Body Utopia:

My Body Utopia is family-owned and operated by Candice Garcia, her husband Antonio, and daughter Kaitlin. They make all of their products by hand, with love from their home in Upstate New York.

If you want to keep up with My Body Utopia and be informed of new products and sales check out their website and follow them on social media!


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I loved my products so much I want to give one of you wonderful readers a $10.00 gift certificate so you can try out the My Body Utopia products that caught your eye!

Enter below!

My Body Utopia $10 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Shack on the Rock Bath Tea Review

Shack on the Rock promo
Photo from Shack on the Rock

Everyone needs a little ‘me’ time every once in a while, and as a new parent I am coming to realize quickly that getting ‘me’ time with a baby around is sometimes a challenge. Papa Dragon and I try to make sure the other gets some time to themselves most days but in the end we don’t always get what we want.

This week I was able to try out a new product from the Etsy shop Shack on the Rock called bath tea.

About the Product

Shack on the Rock created bath teas with busy, hard working women in mind. One tea bag can turn a regular bath into a soothing spa retreat in just a few short minutes.

This unique product was created after doing research to find the best combinations of salts/oils/botanicals, essential /fragrance oil blends, and goat’s milk.

Each bath tea recipe includes:

  • European sea salts – Sea salts that are solar evaporated and harvested from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the purest salts in the world.
  • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt – Sea salt that has been hand-mined from ancient salt beds in the Himalayan Mountains which have been protected from pollution and impurities. These salts are known for their stimulating and soothing properties.
  • Colloidal Oatmeal – Colloidal Oatmeal is finely ground oatmeal that creates a barrier over the skin. It is a great additive for people with dry skin because it helps to seal in moisture, it is also known to alleviate itchiness.
  • Organic Rose Petals/Buds – Roses are a natural botanical known for aiding relaxation. Rose petals are also known for their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Essential/Fragrance Oil Blends – Shack on the Rock creates their own oil blends in order to achieve beneficial scents for their bath teas.
  • Goat’s Milk – Goat’s milk is moisturizing and nourishing for the skin because of capric-caprylic triglyceride. Capric-caprylic triglyceride is a naturally occurring  skin moisturizer that helps contribute to skin’s softness by forming a barrier which inhibits the loss of moisture. Protein strands in goat’s milk are shorter than in other kinds of milk and so are more easily absorbed by the skin.

Shack on the Rock‘s bath teas come packaged in a set of three, one time use teas bags in a high quality, reusable tin.

Tickled Pink Tin

Currently the teas come in two varieties, Tickled Pink and Dreamweaver.

To use simply place a tea bag under the faucet, run warm water and let the bag “steep”,  then squeeze the herbal mix into the water and enjoy!

Tickled Pink Bath Tea Bag
Tickled Pink Bath Tea Bag

My Thoughts

I was able to try out their Tickled Pink recipe. As stated on the item page,

Our Tickled Pink Bath Tea was created with women in mind. An airy blend of soft pink petals, creamy blonde woods, and vanilla bean chiffon come together to give you a sweetly scented bath time.

My opinion?

It’s perfect. The scent is perfect. Kind of like you’re walking through a flower garden on a warm Spring afternoon. Divine.

I’m not usually one for flowery fragrances, but the scent was very subtle. As it soaked in the tub the salts, oatmeal, and goat’s milk pieces dissolved and dispersed throughout the entire tub. (Not unlike a tea bag in a cup of water.)

After my soak, I felt relaxed and my skin was soft and moisturized. My skin also smelled faintly of the oils and rose petals. I can easily say it was the most relaxing bath I’ve had in a long time, and I cannot wait to use another tea bag for my next bath.

***Shack on the Rock provided me, The Math Lovin’ Momma, with a tin of bath teas, free of charge, for the purposes of review. The views expressed here are entirely my own. I only review products I would purchase for myself or my family.

Things I Want to Try

Here are some of the items currently in Shack on the Rock‘s Etsy shop that I would like to try:

First, I would love to try their handmade lip melt in the Berry Kisses flavor. This particular flavor includes strawberries, raspberries, with a touch of cotton candy. Sounds heavenly.

Berry Kisses Lip Melt - Shack on the Rock
Photo from Shack on the Rock

I would also like to try their Lavender Mint Goat’s Milk soap. The soap has a blend of lavender and spearmint essential oils and, of course, goat’s milk. That’s it, no extra stuff that you can’t pronounce, 100% natural.

Lavender Mint Soap - Shack on the Rock
Photo from Shack on the Rock

Last, but not least, I would like to test out their solid lotion stick. Not only does it seem like a great, on-the-go, product to keep in my purse, but it comes in the same Tickled Pink scent as the bath tea. Count me in!

Tickled Pink Hard Lotion - Shack on the Rock
Photo from Shack on the Rock

More About Shack on the Rock

Traci Cornell is the creator of Shack on the Rock.

As a young girl, Traci had a passion for experimenting on the women in her family. (Don’t worry there were no crazy science experiments done on anyone.) She simply loved natural skin care and wanted to try out new things! According to her, it was a common site to find bananas, sugar, and lemon juice smashed on her face in an attempt to rid herself of freckles or clear her face of dead skin cells.Now her first passion is soap, but her conviction to want all body products free of chemicals means she has been branching out, as evidenced by the lip balm and lotion seen above.

Shack on the Rock knows that most people do not have the time or energy available in their busy lives to make natural body care products and they are happy to be able to provide such products to their customers.

According to Tracy,

“If it says 100% natural it’s because it is! We pride ourselves on honesty, so while we may use some organic ingredients in our recipes, we will not promote our products as being completely ‘Organic’ unless ALL ingredients used in that recipe are, indeed, organic. I promise you can pronounce ALL of our ingredients and if you can’t, don’t hesitate to ask me about it!”

The company also likes to take part in recycling and keeping their products as eco-friendly as possible. Traci owns four dairy goats who produce more milk than their babies and Traci’s family can consume. So, rather than throwing it away, Shack on the Rock has re-purposed it for use in their hand made products.
Products from Shack on the Rock are free of soybean oil, sulfates, parabens, petroleum by-products, and contain no synthetic detergents or fillers.

To stay up to date with Shack on the Rock, or to check out their products for yourself, follow them at the links below:

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5 Ways Teething is Like Labor

Thus far, as a parent, I have never felt as helpless as when Dragonling started teething. All I could do was stand by and watch with feeble attempts at pain relief thrown in for good measure. I’ve never wanted to take away someone’s pain as much as during that time.

I think this may be how my husband felt when I was in labor and all he could do was be there for support, he couldn’t fix it and he couldn’t speed up the process.

I didn’t expect to be comparing the two situations 7 months down the road, but here I am. Teething and labor are a like in a few ways.

#1 – You don’t know when it’s going to start.

With teething, as with labor, no one knows exactly when it is going to start.  Doctors and other informed persons can give you a general timeline, but even experts cannot give you an exact start time.

This can cause a lot of stress for some people. You know… the type A kind. The ones who like to schedule their life. Completely.

Labor is a little easier to pin down, 9 months is pretty standard, but even then there are exceptions to the norm and, unless, you’re being induced or having a scheduled c-section you don’t know when it’s going to happen.

Teething is not quite so predictable.

According to BabyCenter.com, most babies get their first tooth when they are between 4 and 7 months old. That’s a pretty big time span. They then go on to say that some babies are late bloomers and could have to wait until after a year old to pop their first tooth. Still others, although quite rare, are born with a tooth!

#2 – You don’t know how long it will last.

For some women, labor is a very short, fast endeavor and for some it can last a few days. Teething is similar in that sometimes the tooth comes in days and sometimes it can take much, much longer.

Dragonling has been teething, off and on, for about 4 months with nothing to show.

This means that for 4 months no one has slept more than 3 hours at a time, we’re all a little (or a lot) crabby, and Momma and Papa are running out of methods for pain management that works. Which brings us to number three.

#3 – Pain management isn’t as easy as it sounds.

When a woman is in labor there are many different options for pain management. Some prefer to go all natural (no drugs), some want to be signed up for an epidural the moment they find out they’re pregnant, and there is a whole spectrum between the two. Even after choosing the type of pain management you want, there is no guarantee it will work.

That’s pretty much how teething works too.

Some parents want all natural pain relief. Some are all for dosing their child with pain medicine so that they are as comfortable as possible. And then there are a whole lot of us trying to find a workable balance between the two.

Since Dragonling started teething so early we only had one medicine option, acetaminophen, which we used sparingly.  Because our medical options were limited I went on a search for other methods we could employ at home. Some of the things we’ve tried include: teething toys, cold/frozen wash cloth, clove oil, teething gel (not Orajel), and teething tablets.

#4 – Everyone’s experience is different.

Try asking a room full of women what labor was like. None of them will give the exact same answer.

Then, try asking a room full of parents what teething was like for their children. Same problem.

Plus, not only will the answers be different they will vary by pregnancy and by child, respectively.

#5 – After it’s over you forget how bad it really was.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that women forget how bad labor was after they have children. (Yay hormones!) I mean, we’d have to forget or the human race would cease to exist, right?

I think the same must be true of teething because otherwise people would only have one child. I can’t completely attest to this point because we’re still in the throes of the worst, but it has to be true. (Please someone tell me it’s true…)